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Muay Thai classes at MSA Stockport


Our Muay Thai little dragons classes are geared up for children aged between 5 - 7 years old. The classes are dynamic and engaging offering students the foundations of the sport in a safe environment whilst developing, confidence, discipline, listening and social skills. The dragon's class has it's own grading syllabus which allows our younger students to reinforce what they are learning and begin their journey in Muay Thai.

MSA Dragons Muay Thai


For children aged between 8 and 13 years old. The classes consist of stretching, aerobic and cardiovascular warm up techniques, body weight exercises leading to applying muay Thai techniques on pads or in step free sparring. Once our juniors have a basic level of competency we allow them to spar in a safe and controlled environment. Suitable for beginners to advanced students. Our instructors ensure high quality tuition within a structured environment.

MSA Stockport Juniors

Adult Beginners Class

The adult beginners class is a great introduction to Muay Thai, perfect for those who are new to the sport, or those who want to increase their fitness and knowledge of the sport before joining the main adult classes. Students in this class are taught basic technique for Boxing, Elbows, Knees, Kicking and Clinch work in a fun, safe, relaxed environment. The class also teaches basic pad holding techniques, footwork and self-defence. The class is run by one of our Senior Instructors and is regularly attended by some of our experienced students who are always willing to offer help, advice and support to new students.

MSA Sockport Adults Muay Thai

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Adult basic

Our adult basic classes are open to both male and female students from age 14. Classes are taught in a well-structured environment and cover all basic aspects of Muay Thai, stretching, aerobic and cardiovascular warm up techniques, body weight exercises leading to applying Muay Thai techniques on pads or working controlled techniques with your training partner. Our classes are a great way of getting fit and learning in  a safe and friendly environment.

MSA Sockport Adults Muay Thai

Adult advanced

Open to both male and female students from the age of 14 upwards who already have a basic understanding in Muay Thai and an intermediate level of fitness. Advanced classes involve strength and conditioning programmes, advanced Muay Thai techniques, ring craft and fighting systems. These are applied on either pads or with a training partner in a controlled manor, we also practice controlled free sparring. Our advanced classes are high energy and engaging.

Muay Thai Stockport


Our grading classes are open to both junior and adult students of all levels. This class is for those who want to develop excellent techniques and gain knowledge in Muay Thai, it's origin, Thai culture, history, terminology and Muay Thai as a ring sport. Muay Boran and self-defence are also taught in the grading classes. Overall this class is an excellent way to re-enforce what has been learnt in the general classes and for bench marking your standards by grading.

Muay Thai Grading at MSA Stockport