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Muay Thai in Stockport

Senior instructor Kru Yai Mike and his team would like to welcome you to MSA Stockport, where we offer high quality Muay Thai training for all ages and abilities.

Join us today and become a champion in life.

All our instructors at MSA Stockport are trained under the world renowned Senior Grand Master Sken. Each has a wealth of knowledge in Muay Thai. They are hardworking and highly motivated, ensuring that all our members achieve their full potential within the sport.

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Here at MSA Stockport we pride ourselves on providing high quality Muay Thai training in the safest way possible. We train on padded floors and ensure out students wear protective gear when necessary.

Some of the key benefits from training in Muay Thai include:

✓ Gaining confidence
✓ Getting fit
✓ Weight loss
✓ Improving flexibility
✓ Increasing stamina
✓ Stress relief
✓ Developing core strength
✓ Discipline
✓ Meeting new friends

Muay Thai grading
Senior Grand Master Sken